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Small Hotel


Small Hotel

The Small Hotel is an original shape designed in 2012, with a soft silhouette and smooth lines, giving it a comfortable and relaxed feel.

It can be regarded as a very important start for BQW.

Because it was designed in a small hotel, his name was Small Hotel.





The Kylin is a traditional guitar shape, and its design is more retro and in line with the traditional design style.

The Kylin adopts the classic guitar shape, but the details have been improved and optimized.

The Kylin also has a high-quality timbre and excellent expressiveness, allowing players to feel more inspired and fun in playing.

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The "Kunpeng" guitar offers two design options: curved or flat, allowing you to choose freely based on your personal taste. 

Whichever design you choose, it will provide you with a delightful playing experience. 

This guitar stands out not only in appearance but also showcases excellent musical performance, potentially becoming a new companion in your musical creation.





The "Baize" guitar is highly favored for its traditional and classic design. 

Its appearance is simple and elegant, with outstanding tonal performance. 

It carries on the classic design, offering players an exceptional musical experience. 

This guitar cleverly blends traditional design with modern features, presenting a uniquely charming musical path.